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  • Title: Frankenstein, Or The 8 Bit Prometheus
  • Artist: DJ Balli
  • Labels: Chili Com Carne, Thisco
  • Format: Book
  • Genres: Music, Underground Art, Misc Italy
  • Price: €15,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€14,02non-EU

16,5x23cm, 140 pages, b/w with illustrations and photographs. Full color cover. English language. Cover art, illustrations & design by Rudolfo. "1818 First edition of …

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  • Title: Snow Now No But Peep In, Do!
  • Artist: Asta D.
  • Label: Asta D.
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Genres: Photography, Underground Art, DIY, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €4,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€3,74non-EU

A6 format, 16 pages, hand-bound.


A6 format, 16 pages, hand-bound. A retrospective zine with poems, photographs, drawings and monotypes from 1981-2018. Some of the texts are part of the vocal performance Love, …

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  • Title: Pop De Ping
  • Artist: Till Lukat
  • Label: Till Lukat
  • Format: Book
  • Genres: Comics, Underground Art, Silkscreen, Risograph, DIY, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,40non-EU

17x23.5cm, 28 riso printed pages, sscreen printed cover, limited edition of 111 hand-numbered copies, 2017. 6 short stories by Till Lukat!

  • Title: Draw Yourself Drawing
  • Artist: Al Burian
  • Label: Al Burian
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Genres: Comics, Illustration, Underground Art, Risograph, DIY, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €5,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€4,67non-EU

A4 format, 52 pages, 3-color risograph cover, limited edition of 100 copies, 2017. "Sketchbook drawings from 2017, featuring a variety of iconic characters, including Brawmb …

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  • Title: The Space Between The Silence
  • Artist: Lars Lundehave Hansen
  • Label: Tonometer Music
  • Format: Book+7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Sound Art, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €28,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€23,53non-EU



A1. The Space Between The Silence
B1. Directional Transmissions

  • Title: Glassworks
  • Artist: Fred Rapid
  • Label: Haute Areal
  • Format: Book+7"
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Electro, New Wave, Illustration, Abstract Art, Visual Art, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €38,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€31,93non-EU

Full colored 72 page art exhibition catalog/book with MP3 code and "Ponyboy" 7".

  • Title: No Limits Allowed
  • Artists: Oska Wald, Al Burian
  • Label: Krill Verlag
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Genres: Comics, Underground Art, Risograph, DIY, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €5,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€4,67non-EU

A5 format, 32 pages, 3-color risograph cover, b/w inside, 2016. "A comic book by Al Burian and Oska Wald, based on a chapter from Robert Anton Wilson’s 1979 Novel “Schroedinger’s …

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  • Title: Alpár Explained
  • Artist: Alpár
  • Label: MMN
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Music, Misc Eastern Europe
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€9,35non-EU

"The first release from Budapest-based music blog mmmnmnm exists somewhere between unusual physical music release, collectible zine, and folksy how-to guide, and brought together …

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  • Title: West Meets East
  • Artist: Progressive Anarchists
  • Label: Progressive Anarchists
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Analog Synth, Electro, Disco, Modern Psych, Techno, Post-Rock
  • Price: €15,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€13,03non-EU

"The album „West Meets East“ includes a selection of six songs in an untypical style of psychedelic music - influenced by various kinds of electronic music as well as …

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  • Title: Datacide #16
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Datacide
  • Format: Magazine
  • Genres: Music, Literature, Politics, Comics, Underground Art, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €5,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€4,67non-EU

A4 format, 70 b/w pages + colour cover. Contents: NEWS & UPDATES The Reverend: Education in England - An Update Marc Hekate: Keith Robinson Desert Storm Obituary Matthew …

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A5 format, 176 b/w pages, German language. Originally published in French language in 1968. "Die Bewegung der Besetzungen ist sofort in aller Welt als historisches Ereignis …

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