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  • Title: Gras.Free #1 - Garde-a-vue, Garde-a-vous, Gare a vous
  • Artists: Yann Leguay, Jean-Jaques Tachdjian, Keyman, Doktor Wunder, DMK, Sir Gong, Helix Mika, Jack Usine, Mathieu Brisebras, Louise Drubigny, Miranda, Lo, Monotrasher, Monsieur Merou, Arthur, Zone Opaque, Kael, Captain Cap, Fritz (Bowwl), Singeon, Globul666, Dker, Julien Pinet, Catherine, S’ebastien Feugere, M!ch, Eddie, Robert
  • Label: Typo Gras Free
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Price: €11,20EU (incl. 7% VAT)€10,67non-EU