Concert and aftershow @ Urban Spree

Sister Iodine + Staalplaat store Dj team


Sister Iodine, one of our favourite bands of all time, will burn down the stage at Urban Spree next Saturday, do not miss that one! DJs Tzii and Insultor from Staalplaat store's Chibron Pourri DJ team will spin records after the show until early in the morning. More info further below. Join us, spread the word and share theFacebook event!

May 14th @ Urban Spree, Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin F'hain. Doors: 9pm.

- Sister Iodine (France)
French pioneer experimental rock band formed in the early 90's by Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet, SISTER IODINE is a rare band who with "Blame" is releasing only now their 5th studio album. Originally born on the ashes of no wave, their music searches through some sort of terminal confusion between rock and chaos; colliding to original raw and atonal no wave, their primitive love of noise music, eruptions and assaults coming from free music; tapes collage, a bitter moisture humected in industrial music, and maybe even poisonous climaxes taken from black metal influences...

- support: Trigal (Argentina)


Tzii and Insultor will take you on an unpredictable musical journey from East Asia to Europe and North America, making stops in India and the Middle East up to North Africa and Sub-Saharan countries before crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Expect an unclassified, timeless and hallucinogenic vinyl only mix, ranging from Japanese oldies to Flemish New Beat, Psychedelic Drones to Afro-Funk, Bollywood Soundtracks to Underground Techno and early Traditional Music to Disco and beyond.

Program (1-hour slots):

- Slot #1: Insultor

Japanese 60/70/80's Pop, East and Central Asian Folk & Traditional Music, Indian and Pakistani Film Music, ...

- Slut #2: Tzii

Contemporary Middle-Feast, Turkey 70's, Maghreb and more...

- Slot #3: Insultor

African Traditional Music, Afro-Funk and Afro-Beats to Early Electronic Sounds, Broken Beats, Electronica, Modern Psych, …

- Slut #4: Tzii

Belgian New Beat, German Disco, Californian Breakdance, DIY Dutch Acid, ...

- Slot #5: Intziiltor

Apocalyptic mash-up!