Hole in Me

Hilal Can, Caroline Cecilia Tallone


"Looking everywhere to find what will fill the hole with until finding out that nothing will fill it"
Hilal Can is an artist based in İstanbul. She is exhibiting her paintings, drawings, prints and objects that she did during her travels, as well as her mini zine which came out in Copenhagen with Cult Pump.

After 3 months of travel she will do her last event of the series at Staalplaat and perform Cyclop Visuals.
Joining her for this performance is Caroline Cecilia Tallone!!

Cyclop Visuals is an analogue liquid & light show project using an overhead projector. The project aims to bring together musicians and sound artists from various disciplines and practices from all around the world and to visualize the moment in an analogue way by using an overhead projector. Hilal wants to create a new dialogue among artists and share it with new audiences. The visual part of the project focuses on improvisation, expressing emotions and illustrating sound stories by using different tools like liquids and characters.

Full performance video: https://youtu.be/Gp8uGW8Ya4o