Pole Ka


As accurate as a surgeon, Pole Ka draws bodies, she dissects them, she skins them. And with a very sure hand, she unveils her sharp pictures. She deploys strange characters in imaginary landscapes, grotesque scenes as if they were directly coming out of a cabinet of curiosities. Through these eccentrics and naïve visions, the mixture is multiple: animal, vegetal, hydride and monstrous characters, sciences and religion, the Encyclopedia by Diderot and D’Alembert as well as the pictures by Jérôme Bosch and Lucas Cranach, the surrealist collages by Max Ernst and the anonymous illuminations from the Middle-Age. Outdated anatomies, disappeared pathologies, old-fashioned landscapes: Pole Ka creates her own history of art, medicine and body.

The exhibition « Incisions » in the bookshop/gallery Raum B gives a new birth to old books of anatomy and medicine. Organs, members, bodies’ fragments were extracted out of pieces of paper, they were cut, lanced, stuck and coloured… creating an hybrid and surrealist composition mixing collage, drawing and paper cut.

For this first Berlin’s exhibition, Pole Ka will present a selection of drawings representing the different aspects of her work.

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