Live concert at Loophole, Berlin

Anonymous musicians, Mat Pogo solo, Sathönay, Dj Insultor



-Anonymous musicians playing traditional folk music from Calabria and Tarantella (South Italy).

-Mat Pogo solo (voice + electronics)

"Mat Pogo solo set features his voice, a microphone and some electronics devices. Pogo developed his own language as a singer/voice-artist using his experience as a rock singer, an improviser and radio-artist where music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse constantly. Weird processed vocal eruptions, intense screams, occasional words, pitched mouth cavity noises and electronics textures melting together in a very expressive way and often with a delicate sense of humor.
A very active musician in the music scene of Berlin and rest of Europe, frontman of Jealousy Party, Pokemachine with Anders Hana, duet with Ignaz Schick, B Unit with Peter Schlewinski and Jd Zazie, Penates, member of the N.E.E.M. Orchestra, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp (dj collective), founder member of Burp Enterprise..."

-Sathönay (special duo set! Nico Poisson, Monika Krukierek - electric saz, voice, voice and electronics)

"Nico Poisson is also a member of NED and founder of the label S.K records.
Based on oriental music with heavy use of electric Saz (Saz is a type of turkish lute, to be short), old drummachines and a lots of voices. From oriental music there is only the flavour, the songs can be more easily filed under vaguely pop psychedelia.
Sathönay is the name of a square in our neighbourhood where we like to hang out."

+ Dj Insultor

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We hope to see you there!