Mountains Are Mountains [BD012] – Record Release

Berke Can Ozcan


bohemian drips. presents [BD012]

"Mountains are Mountains"
the solo-debut LP by
Berke Can Ozcan

Record Release at Staalplaat
Physical Pre-Sale Speicher IV



Kienitzer Str. (corner Weisestr.)
12049 Berlin


For the release of the 12th bohemian drips. LP by Berke Can Ozcan "Mountains are Mountains" we'd like to invite you to pay your local experimental-music record shop Staalplaat a visit!

Come by to have a listen to our latest release, grab a fresh copy, dig through the shops crates and - get you hands on those very limited tickets for Speicher IV × festival for site-specific music!

Friday 21 August: Andrew Pekler • Ingrid Schmoliner & Elena Kakaliagou
Saturday 22 August: Limpe Fuchs • Jan Jelinek & Sven-Åke Johansson

Speicher is a festival for site-specific music in the big water reservoir of Berlin-Pankow, curated by bohemian drips since 2017. The fourth issue features four concerts over two days, developed exclusively for the long-lasting reverberation of the space itself: With up to 18 seconds of reverb and eerie echo-effects the pieces will be guided by a similar conceptual approach that incorporates the interaction between music and architecture. The audience of Speicher IV will witness four different compositional angles within the sonic scenery of the reservoir, featuring both acoustic and electronic concerts. Visitors are invited to roam the spiralling corridors of the reservoirs to fully immerse themselves in the visually accented performances.


Please respect the shop's new Covid-19 regulations against the pandemic! Disinfectant and gloves are provided, bring your own mask and headphones and keep a distance of 1,5m minimum to other visitors -- stay safe!