Night On Earth

Tzii & Lady Gaby


"Tzii, also known as "the mountain of multiple figures" and active since the 90's met Lady Gaby in Neukölln at a PSCTV shooting in the ancient OTB. Then they recorded something in a cold old apartment of east berlin which still looks the same than when it was behind a wall (or in front, depends from which side you look at it), that's the audio link you can listen to below. Then they played live together twice in Berlin at Unicornopium for Bruitisme festival (that's the video below) and at Acud Mach Neu for Instruments Of Discipline. Now they will bring something else again, mixing spoken words with abstract electronics soundscapes.



Inspired by radical dub, filthy jungle, shattered breakcore, and trance ceremonies in general, c_c has developed a deliberately rough and noisy approach to production and live performance. Constantly testing the limits of his equipment (from effects processors to mixers and cassette players) at the edge of implosion, he invents the soundtrack of a post-nuclear world’s dancefloor; its palpitations, its electric whispers, its sonorous accidents. Dangerous improvisation and distorted pulses.

!! 7pm !!
Staalplaat store, mailorder and distribution
Kienitzer Str. 108, Eg rechts
Laden Ecke Weisestr.
12049 Berlin, Neukölln, Germany


Night On Earth records
is an independent structure/label created 18 years ago which deals with

the invisible and the deviant,
the void and the love,
the parallax and the unknown ...

we release vinyls and tapes
we organise events
we are you and us
we are nothing and everything
we are oblivion and memory
We are your egotrip's nightmare
We are your deviancy catharsis

meet us"