Odyssey #1

Mariana Carvalho, Daria Redkina, Tizia Zimmermann, Pablo Lienhard


Mariana Carvalho and Daria Redkina combine extended, dismantled and different sized accordions with voice. Acoustic or synthetic loops, blowing reeds, inwards shouts, body shaking in disturbing or repetitive spaces, half open, half structured.
Daria Redkina (aka Zoya Zerkalski) is a Ukrainian sound artist based in Berlin. With practice in collective improvisation and site specific performance, her research work covers perceptual phenomena of sound in space and human interrelationships determined by historical and cultural narratives.
Mariana Carvalho is a performer, improviser, pianist and sound artist from São Paulo. She works with body, voices, listening, relation, distance, gender, inner sounds, nylon, eutony. She is currently at the Sound Studies and Sonic arts master program at UdK, in Berlin. She is part of Sonora - músicas e feminismos, brazilian feminist network.


Zimmermann / Lienhard are a finely tuned team. Since 2018, they regularly perform and improvise together in various constellations and contexts.
"kaputt" is the debut album of the duo. It captivates through its singular combination of instruments and the virtuosity with which the acoustic and electronically created sounds have been combined and blended. The result is a challenging and at the same time very beautiful music, which can only just be situated somewhere between Ambient, Drone, Noise, and contemporary music.