Six Gun Shots LP release

Stefan Römer


"A gun shot. Another shot. And another shot. Two more and after a while a final shot. Six times in a row: the most fatal and final sound one can imagine…“ - Arno Raffeiner

Stefan Römer:
„Der Versuch, ein Konzeptalbum und konzeptuellen Sound mit einer zeitgenössischen Erzählung zu verbinden, die sich aber trotzdem nicht einer politischen Aussage enthält."

Stefan Römer:
"The attempt to combine a concept album and conceptual sound with a contemporary narrative that still does not follow a political statement."

Join us for the release party of Stefan Römer's latest release with Corvo Records. With LP listening session, an artist talk, DJ set and drinks. We are excited to host this event after a long covid stasis!

Six Gun Shots
deconceptual word score:
Six shots ring out in a deadly rhythm – in my memory.
For this sound piece, a sampled gunshot from the sound library was arranged in a sequence of six in Audacity. The individual shots differ in filtering and in their relation to each other in time. All six shots are repeated in the beginning and end.
Each shot opens up a different drone, processed with the free audio software »Paul’s Stretch« so that a sound(-time-space) emerges. After each drone, the previous shots are repeated, after which each last shot is stretched into another drone, six times, generating a deconstructed permutation.

One trigger for this sound piece were six gunshots which woke up Stefan Römer early one morning in winter 2006 in Munich, when two people were murdered and a child seriously injured in the street. In this project that incident resulted in an argument against the private use and ownership of weapons.

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this is a free event, record will be for sale as well as all available back catalogue from Corvo Records!