Syrphe Electronic Night 07

Hair Stylistics, Ghost Flute & Dice, Krube., Kakawaka, C-Drik, DJ Insultor


Ghost Flute & Dice is Danish composer Mikkel Almholt plays glitchy cut-up effects with very percussive playing and piano.

Hair Stylistics is the solo project of musician/celebrated literary author/movie critic/visual artist MASAYA NAKAHARA. Starting out in 1988 under the name VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA Nakahara has become a fixture of Tokyo‘s underground scene – the great chameleon of (not only Japanese) noise and experimental music wowing audiences with his unpredictable creativity. Don’t miss this!

KRUBE. (de)
Krube. is a sound Artist, based in Berlin. Working under the Krube. moniker since 1999.
Krube. grabs your attention with antisocial cut-up, electroacoustic hate-speech and musique concrète that combines sounds from field recordings ,everyday objects, and non-definable machinery. giving way to the wall into which everything inevitably crashes.
If he’s to perform at your local venue, leave mama at home and witness.

KAKAWAKA (de/jp)
Kakawaka makes noise. He’ll bring a fork, a horn and balloons.

C-DRÍK (de/be)
C-drík aka Kirdec started to perform industrial and noise music in 1989 in CRNO KLANK and from 1991 in AXIOME. Born in DR Congo, lived in various EU countries, travelled in more than 50 countries to perform live, record and collect music. C-drík runs Syrphe, a platform and label dedicated to underground electronic, noise and experimental music from Asia and Africa.

DJ INSULTOR (Staalplaat store, Le Petit Mignon - Berlin): audio cassettes only DJ set
Insultor is the head of Berlin record store Staalplaat and the man behind the Petit Mignon projects, a travelling gallery and independent record label and publisher with a strong DIY spirit.

Maze, Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Please, come on time, doors at 20h30, concerts at 21h30 max, entrance fee 5 to 8€ as you wish.