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Neither Here Or There

Matt Plezier ft. Zenevloed Collective


"In the first few months of 2019 the Zenevloed collective organised a series of illegal raves at the Morgue / Amsterdam. Creating a temporary space where different disciplines meet.

“Disciplines benefit most from each other when intensively exposed to each other’s ecologies. Interlacing various media representing a whole concept of resistance is what we are attempting to get across.” (Zenevloed)

Inspired by the ephemeral nature of the raves, Matt Plezier created visual installations based on the the dystopian vision of Blade Runner, alienation and displacement; working with collages of media headlines, video and a sea of survival blankets. Art that only exists for the night as part of an experience that can be documented but not recreated.

Invited by Anagram Books, Matt Plezier will exhibit this work at Staalplaat/Berlin. A renowned institution, label, store and distribution of experimental music since 1982.

Opening night will be on Thursday August first at 20:00. There will be drinks, music, t-shirts, stickers, prints and zines."