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The Third Half - celebrate the art of disappearance

Kuthi Jin, Trans Zimmer, Oscar Der Winzige, The Danced & The Dance


The Third Half - the art of disappearance

A three-folded event series to launch Delmore FX new release “Scompaio”.
3rd Half - 25.05 at Staalplaat 6:30pm
◌ Kuthi Jin (live)
◌ The Djs performing compositions by Trans Zimmer (live)
◌ Oscar Der Winzige
◌ The Danced & The Dance
“Scompaio” (I disappear) is the new full length work by Das Andere Selbst label’s bright spark Delmore FX. Built around the mundane but magic disappearance of shapes, things and beings alike in the somber tiredness of nocturne shadows and vaporous ashen fumes, the album’s ten tracks are graftings of new investigations where what we know as “music” is bewilderingly transfigured by the artist’s outlandish array of synthesizers, samplers, loopers, mics, mixer and effects employed as assemblages of transmogrifying machines. To present this new effort ArteTetra, Communion and Das Andere Selbst join their forces for a three-days decentralized happening opening with a 12hrs marathon on the Spandau island. Come and learn how to disappear.
Entrance 7€
c/o Artetetra, Communion, Das Andere Selbst
Artwork by Valerio S.