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Luca Sigurta

  • Titre: Tangle
  • Artiste: Luca Sigurta
  • Label: Dokuro
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Lo-Fi, Sound Collage, Musique Concrète, Misc Italy
  • Prix: €7,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€5,88non UE

"Luca Sigurtà is an electronic composer since the early 2000s.

  • Titre: Luca Sigurtà, Panicsville ‎– Split
  • Artistes: Luca Sigurta, Panicsville
  • Labels: Fratto9 Under The Sky, Kinky Gabber
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Drone, Misc Italy
  • Prix: €13,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€10,92non UE

"Luca Sigurtà is very active in the electronic music scene, playing in solo and with Harshcore and Luminance Ratio.

  • Titre: Non Solo / Untitled
  • Artistes: Jean-Luc Guionnet, Claudio Rocchetti, Fhievel, Luca Sigurta
  • Label: Setola Di Maiale
  • Format: CDR
  • Genres: Electro-Acoustic, Experimental Electronic, Analog Synth, Improvisation, Misc France, Misc Italy
  • Prix: €10,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€9,16non UE

Jean-Luc Guionnet _ electronics
Claudio Rocchetti _ dusty analogic devices _ editing
Fhievel _ synth _ objects
Luca Sigurtà _ junk _ electronics

  • Titre: The Wheel
  • Artistes: Fhievel, Luca Sigurta
  • Label: Creative Sources recordings
  • Format: CD
  • Prix: €15,60UE (incl. 19% TVA)€13,11non UE