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Avventure Iontane

  • Titre: Avventure Iontane
  • Artiste: Marco Papiro
  • Labels: Some Fine Legacy, A Tree In A Field
  • Format: LP
  • Prix: €20,90UE (incl. 19% TVA)€17,56non UE

“Defying categorisation, the first Papiro LP titled “Avventure Londane” moves into the sonic territories of New Electronics, while at the same clearly differentiating itself from these genres by its restless and disturbing mood. The music on this fascinating album has a melodic, upbeat character, harking back to analogue synthesizer days, which was extremely popular in Germany in the late 70s and early 80s. Papiro's music might remind the works of Cluster or Asmus Tietchens’ Hematic Sunset, or even Bruce Haack, but is so original to stand on its own. Papiro plays VCS3, MS-10, Jupiter 4, String Melody, YS-100, DSR-2000, Rhythm Ace, Electronic Organ, Guitar, Shehnai and Piano.

“Avventure lontane” means “Adventures that happened far away” or “Long gone adventures”. Both interpretations refer to the experience Papiro had almost every night as a child, when his imaginary frinds
popped in and took him away to whatever places thay came from. Those memories helped him find a structure and surely have influenced the whole mood. Every track is built around one particolar episode. Mosto f the took place in the dark, sp please switch off the light while listening to this record.

Papiro is a graphic designer, violin player, record collector and electronic music maker with a particular affinity for machines from the early days, such as the VCS3 Synthesizer. Early concerts under his own name sometimes consisted of a single chord, held for 30 minutes at high volume. In the studio, meanwhile, he enjoyed endless modular patching and the virtues of overdubbing, which resulted in the album “Avventure Lontane”. This rare LP is presented in a fantastic fluorencent sleeve, so all hail to the groovy glow-in-the-dark cover, which fits the music like a dream.”