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New Age Rage Sticker+Postcard Pack

  • Titre: New Age Rage Sticker+Postcard Pack
  • Artiste: Eloise Leigh
  • Label: New Age Rage
  • Format: Postcards Set+Sticker Pack
  • Genres: Riso, DIY, Underground, Illustration, Misc Berlin
  • Prix: €5,00UE (incl. 7% TVA)€4,67non UE

3 stickers + 4 A6 postcards in a set, riso & stamped postcards.

"A selection of esoteric, spiritual and empowering vinyl stickers and postcards to aid in focus, intuition, and protection.

LUNAR DREAM POSTCARD - infused with symbols of Yin forces, fluidity, sacred moons and geometry, and mystical powers of the outer limits and unknown. 10.75x14 cm - silver ink stamped on black cardstock

SOLAR DREAM POSTCARD - infused with symbols of Yang forces, fire and fertility, infinite spiral intuition and direction, and sacred serpent healing cycles. 10.75x14 cm - gold ink stamped on black cardstock

LENA BUTTERFLY POSTCARD - 10x15 cm - risoprinted in fluorescent pink + federal blue on 270gsm off-white cardstock (sold separately from the Lena Lepidoptera zine where it is included with for free)

PLEASE NOTE: Each silver/gold stamped postcard is made by hand, therefore may have slight variations and imperfections.

25% of proceeds will be donated to Border Angels, a grassroots immigrant rights and outreach nonprofit focused on U.S.-Mexican border issues."