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Temple Of Adoration (Issue 12 / 2017)

  • Titre: Temple Of Adoration (Issue 12 / 2017)
  • Artiste: Various Artists
  • Label: Temple Of Adoration
  • Format: Magazine
  • Genres: Music, Metal, Harsh Noise, Comics, DIY, Misc Berlin
  • Prix: €5,00UE (incl. 7% TVA)€4,67non UE

A4 format, 48 pages.


- Carma (Prt.) Funeral Dooooom whose debut I consider a fantastic highlight in the genre.
- Broken Spirit (Aus.) Crushing Raw B.M. from Western Australia.
- Hardware (Mex.) Old & almost forgotten Death Metal act with a very bizarre & morbid sound.
- Krypts (Fin.) Old interview that was never published. Made by Nuno Barreiras (Caverna Abismal Records)
- Abatuar (Pan.) Their debut demo was among my fave releases in the year '14. War B.M. in the tradition of Bestial Warlust etc.
- Nebiros (Col.) Extensive interview with this old cult B.M. act.
- Orodruin (Hol.) Longer chat with this dutch obscure B.M. force.
- Fecalove (Ita.) Very aggressive & sharp sounding Harshnoise whose latest "Great Northern War" album blew me away.
- The Fallen (Chl.) A Death/Doom monster in the vein of Disembowelment etc.
- Leechfeast (Slo.) Sludge as thick as black oil...
- Ordo Caper (C.R.) Young act from Central America whose sound pays tribute to acts like Sadistik Execution, Goatlord...and the likes.
- Candelabrum (Prt.) I guess this act barely needs introduction in this forum. "Necrotelepathy" was one of the highlights for me in the last year!
- Psychomorphis (Dk.) Danish B.M. act made by clientel of The Order of the Nonagram.

Plus three articles, reviews, a shortstory & three very deranged & depraved comicstrips by Goran Dacev that are exclusive to this zine.