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Kein Zurück!

  • Titre: Kein Zurück!
  • Artistes: Kris Limbach, Miguel A. Garcia, Kerstin Podbiel
  • Label: Emitter Micro
  • Format: VHS+Artprint
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Lo-Fi, Underground Art, Silkscreen, DIY
  • Prix: €30,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€25,21non UE

"VHS multiple. 4 hours of music and glowing darkness, unique silkscreen prints and poster, limited Edition of 33 copies.

KEIN ZURÜCK! includes collaborational and solo works of the sound artists Miguel A. Garcia & Kris Limbach, recorded in a time span of 9 months in Madrid and Berlin. some of the recordings are live duos, others are especially mixed and first published on this VHS-Tape Multiple. A ultra-wide variety of sound, no input mixing, field recording based scapes, harsh noise and improvisational electronic music can be found on this 240 minutes of Tape."