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Svelto - The Hakken Tuner

  • Titre: Svelto - The Hakken Tuner
  • Artistes: DJ Balli, Giacomo Balla
  • Label: Artetetra
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Breakcore, Gabber, Misc Italy
  • Prix: €8,00UE (incl. 19% TVA)€6,72non UE

"In the past years we’ve seen many cool albums released as they were, just beautiful music artifacts with no particular purpose rather than pleasing the most trained ears in the underground scene of music listeners and cassette tapes aficionados.
After a big research involving a copious amount of people including musicians, housewives and household management's scientists, Artetetra, in collaboration with the bolognese crew of Islandsexp, ended up with a catalogue of music that serves both as a pleasing acoustic experience and as a tool for a more productive and functional house-working. This music is designed to instantly make you work on a specific subject, channeling the energies and improving your simple and ordinary performances.
For this new tape-series Artetetra returns home from the exotic lands of quinto mondo and enters your kitchen to infiltrate into your daily routine.

DJ Balli (in a Gameboy-mediated telepathic collaboration with the famous futurist Giacomo Balla) explores the correlation between Gabber subculture and the most important italian avant-garde art movement of the 20th century through this little artifact, defined by the artist as a Hakken-tuning-machine.
Very fast futurists of the future making gabber tools to wash dishes at incredible high speed!

Side B contains a previously web-released mixtape by Dj Balli called "Balla vs Balli: 4/4 Bass Drum, the World's Only Hygiene"

Everything written, recorded and mixed by DJ Balli and Giacomo Balla.
Artwork by Emanuele Luppino."