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New arrivals: Specific Recordings (France)

New label in stock! Specific Recordings (France) feat. a bunch of Japanese bands like Biskaidan, Passepied,, Tokyo Karan Koron 東京カランコロン, and French No Drum No Moog.

New arrivals: Kollektiv/Rauschen “Transport” usb-stick

And yet another great usb-stick release in stock! Housed in a heavy custom-made steel box. "Transport" by Kollektiv/Rauschen published by Well Gedacht (Vienna, AUSTRIA).

New arrivals: books & zines

New books and prints in stock! Hollow Press, Mat Brinkman, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Ratigher, Paolo Massagli, Shintaro Kago, Vetro Editions, Jeroen Erosie, Gola Hundun, H101, Kid Acne, Labuena Ylamala, Merijn Hos, Mina Hamada, Nano 4814, Carlos Ótica, Tay one, Zosen, 1STE VERDIEP, Såm Gunst, Paul Bizcarguenaga, Piro.