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Burp 16

  • Title: Burp 16
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Burp Publications
  • Format: Zine/Comic
  • Genres: Comics, Underground Art, Eroticism, DIY, Misc Berlin, Misc Italy
  • Price: €6,50EU (incl. 7% VAT)€6,07non-EU

A4, b/w, 44 pages collection of dirty and amoral comix by Gianni Agus, Daniele Murtas, Nikt Notoni, Mat Pogo, Jimmy Gelli, Edoardo Ricci,Roberta WJM and Filippo Scòzzari. First edition limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. English language.

"Welcome to Burp #16, the second in the international edition series. In this issue we deal with intricate allegories and as always - the subject of life in the modern metropolis. This #16 is a special issue for us, not only because we present WJM’s first comic book story in almost two decades (the jolly Pretty Boy Floyd one-pager) and Mat Pogo’s legendary opus Brothers of the Wild (almost 15 years in the making), but especially because we have the honor of welcoming Filippo Scòzzari to the Burp crew.

Since Scòzzari, the key figure behind fundamental Italian comics publications of the ‘70s and '80s such as Cannibale and Frigidaire, was a central influence for all of us in our formative years, we are even happier to have had the go ahead by the man himself to publish one of his works that most shaped our taste buds and membranes: Rompicoglioni (AKA Pain in the Ass) a grim slice of Orwellian dystopia that originally appeared in the pages of Cannibale in 1978. We’re also very proud to be the first to introduce Scòzzari’s work in English to an international audience.

And if this isn’t enough to make BURP #16 our best issue so far (you lucky fellows) we also have Daniele Murtas, with an elaborate story of crime and industrial punishment, a second, shorter, Gingo De Pranzo story by Mat Pogo, and the introductory episode to Dan Dynamo’s saga by yours truly. In this issue the flippant Dan Dynamo fights remorse and flying eye-balls in south Brooklyn, his home (and mine). To top it all off we have Edoardo Ricci’s and Jimmy Gelli’s reliable artwork, a newly self-translated oldie by Gianni Agus (bringing back your favorite character, the affable Otto il Pennuto in a thrill-laced two-pager) and a handful of short stories for you to indulge in and pace yourselves.

Yes, indeed - you’ve guessed it - the secret theme this time around is genres, as all the stories in this issue are idiosyncratic takes on the narrative genres that make up our own encyclopedia: Dan Dynamo’s take on the classic early '40s superhero routine - with all its trappings, Scòzzari’s story with its dystopian post-police-brutality SCI-FI cautionary tale, Murtas’ foray into the whodunit canon, Gingo De Pranzo’s urban wilderness adventure in the tradition of the feuillettons of yore, and the intimate memoir-reportage of Gangs of Florence.

Stay tuned for our next IMPERIAL issue, 196 pages, tabloid format, 3D center-spread, and IN COLOR, with 50% more big cities, 100% more complex female characters, ineffective consciousness altering-drugs, golf courses on fire, metaphysical broken knee-caps, picnics, and sitting idly on the edge of the abyss.
We do all we do. Truly, Nikt Notoni."