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Distorted Mirror

  • Title: Distorted Mirror
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Elektrika
  • Format: Book
  • Genres: Comics, Underground Art, Illustration, Misc Eastern Europe
  • Price: €15,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€14,02non-EU

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"Distorted Mirror is a comic anthology that collects works of 50 authors from around the world who describe their dreams in which famous persons appear. Distorted Mirror is an attempt to deal with questions about the emancipation of the collective and individual subconsciousness from the contents imposed by media, historical-socio-political contexts and popular culture.

The project publishes comics, drawings and video and audio reports about encounters that happen in dreams between you and famous persons.

The project is based on the belief that the life experience of individuals doesn’t stop or happen somewhere else while they sleep. With or against their will, the life of famous identities blends through the distorted mirror of dreams, parallel to their lives in media and physical reality. The book was made in order to open this question, to trigger thoughts about the nature of this life that goes on in dreams. As during the day some famous entities occupy our imagination and attention, many of them continue to wander in our subconsciousness throughout the nighttime. This yet unexplored and unknown part of their biography is something that the project tried to shed light on.

During the exhibition the visitors were invited to contribute to the archive by sharing their experiences through video interviews."

Author of the project: Vladimir Palibrk
Author of display: Marko Salapura
Publisher: “Elektrika”, Pančevo

Artists: Super Timor (RS) • Charivari Collective (BR) • Aleksandar Zograf (RS) • Artu Ditu (HR) • Wostok (RS) Feat Boća, Yura Mironoff Miron (UA) • Marie Kohoutova (CZ) • Raquel Apparicio (ES) • Teodora Budimir (RS) • Boris Stanić (RS) • Vuk Palibrk (RS) • Boris Pramatarov (BG) • Dase Eyes (UA) • Alkbazz (FR) • Antoine Duthoit (FR) • Viktoria Mak Feat Mirko Stoilkov (RS) • Katie Woznicki (RS/USA) Feat. Muhamed Kafedžić (BH) • Bob Kathman (USA) • Helena Klakočar (NL) • Harry Lagousis (GR) • Caroline Sury (FR) • Daniel Bueno (BR) • Kentaro Okawara (JP) • Stanislav Silantyev (UA) • Irena Jukić Pranjić (HR) • Maja Majolinica (RS) • Damir Rijovič Originalov And Barbara Marković (RS) • Tifani Rubi, Aleksandar Opačić / Studiostrip (RS) • Sorina Vasilescu (RO) • Agnieszka Piksa, Boleslaw Chromry (PL) • Dzaizku (RS) • Volt Agapeyev (UA) • Shaltmira (LT) • Dragana MladeNović (RS) • Pan Polonium (FR) • Mario Kolarić (HR) • Damir Steinfl (HR) • Lee Kennedy (UK) • Mike Diana (USA) • Jeroen Funke (NL) • Matej Lavrenčič (SL) • Cristina Portolano (IT) • Giorge Roman (RO) • Vladan Nikolić (RS).