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Gristle Magazine - Issue #5

  • Title: Gristle Magazine - Issue #5
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Gristle Magazine
  • Format: Book
  • Price: €15,90EU (incl. 7% VAT)€14,86non-EU

Gristle #5 is a handmade magazine, laser printed on high quality paper with a 5 color silkscreen cover. In it, B/W illustrations from 41 different artists from around the world wit their take on death. It is from a signed and numbered edition of 250. Artists in the issue: Herrshulze, Dav Guedin, Anthony Ausgang, Graham D. Pilling,Caroline Buermann,Christian Paine, L Crosky, Lex McQuilkin, Phlegm, Sunny Buick, Stravroala Papidaki,Llor,I Niemand, Drew Millard, Luke Drozd, Pit, Mr. Gauky, Anke Weckman, Oliver Hibert, Ciou, Sae Esa,Michael Rytz, Matt Davis, Gauche,Spig,Joe Rocco,Buddy Hickerson, Lauren Gardiner, Sean Stepanoff, Christian Paine, Kapreles, Brent Cheshire, David Aronson, One Neck,Caro, Christoph Mueller, Gnot Guedin, Andreas Kasapis, Jason D'Aquino, Gauche and Lesley Reppeteaux.