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Licker License

  • Title: Licker License
  • Artist: Licker License
  • Label: Drippy Bone Books
  • Format: Book
  • Price: €3,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€2,80non-EU

Licker License is a book of text and video stills published by Drippy Bone Books in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Edition of 60. 14 pages, b&w, printed on colored paper.

Licker License is a touring all-female video art show with dates in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and the US.

Videos Stills and text from:

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Nicola Kuperus
Kristy Fenton
Hazel Hill McCarthy III
Bobbi Woods
Actually Huizenga
Kathleen Daniels
Laura Brothers
Phoebe Collings-James
Adriana Estrada
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