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Orange Errance

  • Title: Orange Errance
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: EpOx Et BoTOx
  • Format: Book
  • Genres: Illustration, Underground Art, Silkscreen, DIY, Misc France
  • Price: €31,00EU (incl. 7% VAT)€28,97non-EU

Paperback, 36 pages, 15x20cm, silkscreen printed, 150 numbered copies.

"« Wandering Orange » :
From theme to title, tome 2.
An exquisite corpse, unexpected and improvised composition of its visual and literal interpretations.
Wandering Orange is a tale with a vagabond humor. A fruit to peel, endlessly.

The 2nd volume of the Spectrôm collection [EpOx et BoTOx collective books serie] follows the volume of past year « Rouge Bruit ».
36 new artists handled the matched thematic -Wandering Orange- and produced an illustration connected to one or two lines of text, as a caption.
As an exquisite corpse, the pictures have been linked together in the book, depending on these pieces of sentence, in order to create a surrealistic story.

Cover by Brulex (FR)
Art by:
Alkbazz (FR) – Andro Malis (IT) – Arnus Horribilis (FR) – Aude Carbone (FR) – Benjamin Monti (BE) – Boris Pramatarov (BG/BE) – Bryan Beast (BE) – Caca Hontas (FR) – Chaton Pute (FR) – Dario Balleta (IT/FR) – Dav Guedin (FR) – Didier Progéas (FR) – Fräneck (FR) – Fredox (FR) – Igor (FR) – Johan Lagrange (FR) – Julien Sibert (FR) – Ludovic Adam (FR) – Manoï (FR) – Marc Brunier Mestas (FR) – Marc Hernandez (FR) – Marie-Pierre Brunel (FR) – Mathieu Desjardins (FR) – Ohido (FR) – Olivier Deprez (FR) – Pole Ka (FR) – Quentin Pillot (FR/BE) – Rebecca Rosen (CA/BE) – Sarah Fisthole (FR) – theo vonwood (FR) – Timothy Georgarakis (US/FR) – Tristan des Limbes (FR) – Viola Corp (FR) – Zigendemonic (UKR/DE) – Zven Balslev (DK)"