Sämtliche Niederlagen

  • Title: Sämtliche Niederlagen
  • Artist: Al Burian
  • Label: Ventil
  • Format: Book
  • Genres: Music, Underground Art, Risograph, DIY, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €13,90EU (incl. 7% VAT)€12,99non-EU

"Paperback, 182 pages, 14x20 cm, text in German only.

An unsuccessful attempt to break into the German literary scene, Sämtliche Niederlagen is more or less a "best of" from the early-to-mid-period of the Burn Collector zine. This set of stories is revised and collected here in a novelistic form exclusively for the German language. Compelling underdog characters and a hilarious tragi-comic narrative make this probably Burian's best and most readable book. Although the intense wrench-in-the-gears ideology of the novels' service-industry saboteur protagonist prefigures much of today's contemporary anti-capitalist comedy, bourgeois German audiences could not relate to the sheer volume of property destruction and anarchy, and often asked the author if he has a haftpflichtversicherung."