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Statement 1961

  • Title: Statement 1961
  • Artists: Apotose, Asmorod, Autopsia, Bad Sector, Bearer of the Inmost Sun, Belborn, Blackhouse, Der Blutharsch, P.A. Brwose, Cocaspar.Osp, Con-Dom, Dominion feat. John Murphy, Ex.Order, Folkstorm Vs. MZ.412, Gerechtigkeits Liga, The Grey wolves & Unites States of Hell, Hekate, Illusion of Safety, Lady Morphia, Negapadres.3.3., Of The Wand and the Moon, Predominance, Reutoff, Sardh, Schloss Tegal, S.E.T.I., Sigillum S, Slogun, Stadion der Weltjugend, Throrofon, Ultra, Von Thronstahl Compilation
  • Label: Ironflame
  • Format: BookCD
  • Price: €68,20EU (incl. 7% VAT)€63,74non-EU

Book CD+2LP+7”