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3 Harp Treatments

  • Title: 3 Harp Treatments
  • Artists: Rhodri Davies, Gregory Buttner
  • Label: Anthropometrics
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €14,40EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,10non-EU

“Rhodri Davies and Gregory Büttner met in Hamburg and decided to work together. Davies sent Büttner three short solo harp improvisations to work with. Out of those sourcings Büttner generated a most alive, sbizarre and chalenging form of concrete-abstract electronic music. “3 harp treatments” is a fine example of a fresh and new approach to the integration of acoustic and digital sound. It will appeal to fans of the work by Asmus Tietchens, Luc Ferrari or Jacob Kirkegaard.
“3 harp treatments” is also an extension of the original concept of the Anthropometrics series on aufabwegen. This is the first non-vinyl release in the series and the first work, that has not been recorded live and as a middle-of the moment improvisation.”