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  • Title: Algiers
  • Artist: Rinus Van Alebeek
  • Label: Rinus Van Alebeek
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Musique Concrète, Lo-Fi, Sound Collage, Experimental Electronic, Field Recordings, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €6,95EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,84non-EU

"On 16. November I played in West Germany, Berlin. On the same evening my comrade in tape Lucas G. Crane and his friend Greg Fox performed as well. Audience attendance was below expectation and all of them cherished some Berlin coolness, an attitude that found its culmination in a couple posing as Joseph and Mary in a nativity scene. Immersed in their detached dullness they sat before my very feet. It was hard to ignore their presence. It was just as hard to concentrate on my sounds.

After the concert I wasnot very pleased. But comments came dripping in, and all said they had enjoyed it.

The next day Lucas and Greg were supposed to come as a guest to Radio On, the radio show Adrian and I do together. Unfortunately they got lost in the Berlin rain. So we played Lucas’ show of which Adrian had made a recording. After that one he convinced me to broadcast my concert as well.

I listened to it through headphones, had clear visions of the mediterranean and imaginary visions of the harbour and city of Algiers. I wrote those impressions down. You will find them in the little booklet that comes with the tape.

I listened back a few times while I copied the tape. The first part works almost as an anthology, a round up of the many concerts I played in the past: loud, a fierce energy and a sequence of destructed recordings that I throw in. Because I get bored with playing the same sound all the time through, there is a transgression to a slower part with long deep piano playing, a Japanese voice over it. Side two represents the last stage in my live presentations. I have added commercial cassettes to my collection, play them quite often over the inbuilt speakers of walkman and Marantz, while the main speakers are on low volume to provide a general background. Everything sounds as if it is brought to you by different winds, or heard during a walk through the narrow streets of a kasbah.

You are of course free to hear your own story."