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Amateur Exorcist

  • Title: Amateur Exorcist
  • Artist: Çaykh
  • Label: Amateur Exotic
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Ambient, Modern Psych, Folk, World, Traditional Music, Experimental Electronic, Krautrock, Breakbeats, Pop, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €8,50EU (incl. 19% VAT)€7,14non-EU

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C90, mixtape, b/w two-coloured cassette.

"The wise men, owning a treasure trove of secrets and comprehended the inmost names, rewrote the pages rom ancient scrolls, and then led them in such a state...Let it be known for this reason a fertile story ...In a certain kingdom, in some states, lived Great Shah, he was exalted by fate, his palace was a work of art masters from Bukhara, facades were white like camphor, reflecting sunlight and directing it in all possible directions...That palace was seen from all parts of the Earth and even the heavenly inhabitants flew down to enjoy this splendor...Around and inside were spread staying in eternal delight gardens, filled, standing shoulder to shoulder all kinds of fruit trees, singing delightful trills birdies and spangled carpets-flowers-stars, fragrant and shining on the generosity of the creator like milky Way...That Shah have a 16,108 graceful, sweetvoice, stareyed wives and 16, 107 indescribable beauty daughters and...1 son, famous for favorable qualities...His name was Nicolas Sheikholeslami, but everyone called him the Sheikh...With talent and abilities, oriented on musical performance, young man played when on horizon of the sky included in full splendor and brilliance of the new luminary and ends when it's replaced by the mysterious smile of the moon, washed by the waters of the seven brooks (creeks)...All kingdom enjoyed this source of living water which he called spiritczualic...Pundits taught him mystic, psycho-active combination, consisting initially of two elements: spiritual & ritualic and then expanding to the universal infinity...With this deep, brotherly connection, he can easily like a gazelle, traveling in cypress grove, create and describe the slightest changes in consciousness, caused by movements of the mind chariot, drawn by five bay horses-feelings entrained in such a sensual rhythms, containing all secrets of time and space...One day, master from the Earth of Dragons, great in the art of contemplation came to the palace...By the call of his nature and because of the innate craving for new experiences, young Sheikh was captured...With astonishment and delight, he looked at the sage, who was sitting in a lotus asana, and in front of him putting a bamboo table, signed with mysterious hieroglyphs, which were laid outlandish tools and...tea...With the acumen of running cheetah and a great desire to share positive sentiments, he played a magical melody, which is so delighted hearing and the sage taught him everything he knew...Ever since that times Sheikh becomes a great connoisseur of tea affairs and got a new name - Caykh...We were there, drank that tea, strong as love, filled and recorded these melodies on the Amateur Exotic page..."