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Anchortronic - 5.1. Laboratory For Updating Experimental Sound

  • Title: Anchortronic - 5.1. Laboratory For Updating Experimental Sound
  • Artists: Michael Strohmann, TV Pow, Alex Davies, NT, Electronicat, Stilluppsteypa, Efzeg, Andreas Berthling, Goem, Egotrip, Gloom - Alex Joechtl, Chris Fortescue, M9, Golden Tone - Fennesz & Zeitblom
  • Label: Staalplaat
  • Format: DVD
  • Price: €17,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€14,66non-EU

Anchortronic is a Time's Up audio project in cooperation with Staalplaat. It is dedicated to experimental music, in particular the process oriented techniques which in their attitude and technique imply and even demand a radical DIY aesthetic.
A two year plan to research the capacity and possibilities of Surround Sound was set up and realized by inviting musicians, sound and video artists to a basic 5.1 audio studio at Time´s Up in Linz/Austria. The resulting 18 tracks examine the process of expanding from stereo to 6 audio channels, a process that does not simply satisfy itself with effect-mashing like one might know from various Hollywood Soundtracks or Music/Video DVD´s which succumb to a simply upscaled stereo idea. All tracks are uniquely composed for this format and take full advantage of the challenging situation of having 4 additional speakers to develop soundscapes, cutups, rock songs and electroschnitzels that live and breathe from the expanded technical structure.
Most of the tracks are visualized.

In addition to the AC-3 Surround Sound a binaural Headphone Mix is included for people without a home cinema setup. The mix gets pretty close to the original 6 speaker sound. Simply listen to it on your computer or dvd player via headphones.

more information:

Michael Strohmann (Austria) „cassation“ (12´25 min) may 15th - 19th 2001
Video: M. Strohmann, Petra Zöpnek, Manfred Karrer

TV Pow (USA) september 2001 „arbitraty + stick“ (10´14 min)
Video: Xabi Erkizia

Alex Davies (Australia) „walker“ (3`00 min)

nt (austria) „carefullcarelessness“ (6´33 min) june 20th – 26th 2002
Video: Joreg

Electronicat(France) „sauterelles et grillons“ (8´19 min) may 11th – 18th 2002
Video: Cecile Babiole

Stilluppsteypa (Iceland) „-„ (5´47 min) october 27th 2001
Video : Stilluppsteypa

Efzeg (austria) „g9“ (10´28 min) may 27th 2002
Video: Billy Roisz

Andreas Berthling (Sweden) „the deer & the dog“ (6´10 min) december 12th - 17th 2000
Video: Mattias Rylander

GOEM (Netherlands) „comp dertien“ (3´45 min) october 25th - 26th 2001

Alex Davies (Australia) „reflux“ (6´56 min) november 1st - 8th 2001

Egotrip (austria) „e-gogo“ (5´14 min) june 16th – 19th 2002
Video: markus decker

Gloom – Alex Jöchtl (austria) „Short Story #1“ (12´17 min) march 31st –april 2nd 2002
Video: Didi Bruckmayr / The_Kingdom
Voice: Barbara Neureiter

Chris Fortescue (Australia) „frost“ (6´17 min) june 12th - 20th 2001
Video: Chris Fortescue

Chris Fortescue (Australia) „Immortal“ (12´27 min)
Video: Chris Fortescue

Chris Fortescue (Australia) „670-Bach“ (3´33 min)
Video: Chris Fortescue

m9 (Austria) „mosquito“ (6`42 min) dezember 2001

Golden Tone - Fennesz & Zeitblom (Austria, Germany) „wernichthörenwillmussfühlen“ (40´17 min) july 4th - 7th 2001
Video: Lillevän

CTL01 - Transient (Australia, USA, Austria) „dust“ (22´58 min) may 29th 2001