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Avatar Blue

  • Title: Avatar Blue
  • Artist: Star Searchers
  • Label: Discrepant
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Beats
  • Price: €13,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€11,68non-EU

"Spencer Clark is back with a futuristic eco-friendly record. It’s life on earth as you never heard it.

The story goes like this: Spencer wanted to do a soundtrack for the yet to be made “Avatar 2”. And if you know Spencer’s work, you’ll know that he engaged on this mission reading material that influenced the rich and crazy imaginary world of “Avatar”. If you think about
it a little bit, something like “Avatar” could have really come out from the mind of Spencer Clark.

But it didn’t. So, he dwelled around the idea of that soundtrack, working on what is now known as “Avatar Blue”. The record we now release is a selection he made from the 2CD released last year on his own Pacific City Sound Visions.

Like many of Spencer’s other alias or incarnations, Star Searchers introduces the listener to a new world. Besides making sounds/soundtracks for alternative realities he cares
about making a world for his music to live in. It’s never superficial or dedicated just to the act of imagination, Spencer creates sounds that sustain the reality he imagined. That’s why they’re so rich and consequential in the realization of music as a medium.

“Avatar Blue” is music but also literature. And cinema. Star Searchers’ sound creates an absorbent sound about what’s happening in aquatic life. It goes beyond the perception of what we’ve seen or what we’ve known, it’s a neo-future aquatic life, with a world building structure and sounds and narratives that go along with it.

All done with a sound-aesthetics that could be described as slowed-down-trance, that fits 1980s synth nostalgia and dreams of sci-fi to come."

A1. Lightspots On a Sharkbody
A2. Oxygen Injections / Seaspray Expressions
A3. Freeswimming In Link Gel
A4. Seaweed Covered Hi-Viz Aquanets
A5. Stingray Motion FX Logo
B1. Finspray Of Mako Shark
B2. Z-Brushing Tidal Gold
B3. Avatar Blue Logo 2
B4. Blue-Green Algae Shadings
B5. Intertidal Shadezones
B6. Banshee Foam