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Dance Tracksz

  • Title: Dance Tracksz
  • Artist: Prostitutes
  • Label: Diagonal
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Techno, Breakbeats, Electro
  • Price: €17,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,04non-EU

"Cleveland, OH’s Prostitutes is back on it for Diagonal with a brutalist dress-down called Dance Tracksz, firing some of his most vital material since the Psychedelic Black LP which first caught our attention in 2012.

However, four years on, James Donadio adoes away with the more sentimental parts of his debut in favour of bear-hugging the floor with his most direct and effective dance music to date.

This is industrial body music schooled with a bluntness and unpretentious agenda that money can’t buy, fundamentally built to get you unzipped and bouncing your body off the speakers, walls, other bodies, matched only for impact on his catalogue by the likes of Shatter And Lose, and Ecstasy, Crashing Beats And Fantasy, which perhaps not so surprisingly, also appeared on Diagonal.

Like those EPs, there’s an absolute rejection of shiny tricks. From the screwface PCP slammers Ah Yeah and War Goes On to the pure industrial street funk of Bottle and the riotous jungle-tekno of Prey, there’s no mistaking that he’s bang up for a rave, but even by the end of the night, by the time I Luv U Bruv - his admission of affection for label boss, Powell - proves that even the big radgy guys called Prostitutes go soft every now and again.

A big ol’ party slug for fans of Powell, Beau Wanzer, PCP Records, Container..."