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Did They? Did I?

  • Title: Did They? Did I?
  • Artist: Valerio Tricoli
  • Label: Bowindo
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €12,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€10,34non-EU

Who s Valerio Tricoli?... an enigma of italian electronic music.
What’s “Did They? Did I?” after an unobteinable tape on Freedom Form documenting years of his activity, this is a record made up of flesh, blood and spirit solving at last the mystery that has been wrapping his true essence.
“Did They?”: 1999, the room of a motel... voices echoing in the corridors... a few contact microphones applied on a door... external world.
“Did I?” sensibility and sensations expressed through sounds... internal world.
The inner surface superimposes the outer one like a colour image on a black and white background.
“Did They? Did I?” is a record in which the contrasts, like those provoked by the impulses of inner and outer ego, are defty worked by violating any physical and biological rule, for the outer impulses - here sounding muffled and unreal- would in fact prevail if the real features were respected. The inner impulses appear clean both in tones and in presence, elements that are reflected in the sharpness of details and in the structural depth. Thus, sound sculpture is the appropriate definition to refer to the brightness of single sounds that increasingly become transparent, and to the use of a prominent perspective.
The structure of “Did They?Did I?” is so plastic as to touch light and shade, while other components interact creating lines, spaces, and light effects: presence and absence, long and short sounds, reality and imagination…
Probably this music finds its place between imagination and reality just where internal and external world meet each other.
Is my interpratation of his work correct? Don’t know yet, for Valerio Tricoli still foments the mystery that has wrapped him for years by including a ghost track where inner ego is kept silent apart when investigating memory.
Am I? I not?...were I?... what we have in the end is a blurred black and white background.
Mario Biserni