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  • Title: DzGl
  • Artist: Cameron Shafii
  • Label: Anòmia
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Computer Music, Classical, Acoustic, Misc Asia & Middle East
  • Price: €7,80EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,55non-EU

30 minute cassette tape.
White ferric cassettes with black cassette imprint.
Offset printed artwork.
Edition of 100 copies.

"DzGl (abbr. Differenzengleichung) are a series of nine contrasting computer-based approximations of integers in recurrence relations.
In discrete mathematics, recurrence relations are the analog of differential equations, equations that involve the derivatives of functions as well as the function itself. The sonification of datasets and algorithms in these pieces produce compositions that are non-linear, complementary and self-similar.
Tracks A1, A3 through B1 and B3 are for unattended computer. Tracks A2 and B1 are for piano two- and four-hands with minimal digital signal processing and electronic treatment. Track A6 refactors Tom Erbe’s code base to regenerate James Tenney’s piece ‘For Ann (Rising)’, iterating on each sine wave-like Shepard-Risset glissando."