Early Worms

  • Title: Early Worms
  • Artist: Big Eater
  • Label: ABsolutely Amazing
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Funk, Soul, Disco, Post-Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €4,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€3,36non-EU

"Audiences go into dyonisian frenzy when this outfit takes the stage, and BIG EATER is considered in some circles to be unrecordable, a live entity whose stage shenanigans and exuberant emotionality can never be captured as a static document. Nonetheless a few attempts have been made, and this six-song recording, done DIY in the practice space with some fancy borrowed mics, tracked in the late night/early morning epic sunrise hours, mixed with the precision of a pastry chef by Lena Kilkka, will get the party started wherever there's a tape deck on hand.

EARLY WORMS Is the debut release of this long-running Berlin bands' definitive line-up, with Anneee and Al from Anarkuss on vocals and guitar, Tommy and Rob from Tanning Bats on drums and bass, and Lena from Milemarker, Sleep Lab and Swoosh on keyboard and saxophone. The end result bears some resemblance to all of the aforementioned projects, but a closer inspection reveals that this is nothing at all like any of that, rather the direction here is positive, forward-thinking funk punk with a slight North Carolina mountain gospel tinge.

Hand painted and stamped cassette with lyrics/artwork. Cover illustration by Andy Leuenberger."