Epicurean Escapism III

  • Title: Epicurean Escapism III
  • Artists: Skin Area, Nikolas Schreck, Last Dominion Lost, Dave Phillips, Alfarmania, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Sutcliffe Jügend, Budrus
  • Label: The Epicurean
  • Format: DVD+CD
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Dark Ambient, Misc Berlin
  • Price: €18,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€15,88non-EU

"A manifesto of escapist longing, of taking things to a more extreme level, a quest for a complex contextual message: The third and final edition of the Epicurean Escapism compilation series again unites music, film and visual arts contributed by the most interesting acts in the field of experimental industrial music; exploring the viewpoint of escapism, sharing the vision of uncompromising utopian transgression, diving into this subjective counter-world. Enjoy and endure!

The CD starts with British veteran providers of the extreme, SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND, who present a straight forward power noise track with a pulsating electronic hook. Swedish units ALFARMANIA and SKIN AREA dig deep into the depraved consciousness, each of them with of their unique version of morbid industrial resonating with decay, while BUDRUS seduce the listener with beautifully melancholic Lithuanian poetry; German act GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA clank and rattle with their brand of organic industrial. NIKOLAS SCHRECK, the prominent voice of Radio Werewolf appears as a vaudevillian, with a perverse neo-psychedelic composition conveying allusions to the deity Lord Sutekh, merging European neoclassical with ethnic Indian music and poetry with an unmistakable Radio Werewolf accent. A very special treat also comes from LAST DOMINION LOST – one of the last recordings of John Murphy on drums can be heard on their ritual piece “To The Master, A Long Goodnight” dedicated to the master himself.

The contained DVD comprises video works, live performances and collaborations by radical Swiss sound artist DAVE PHILLIPS, sonically active since 1987, part of the notorious SCHIMPFLUCH GRUPPE (with Rudolf Eber, Joke Lanz) since 1991, having left his signature in numerous bands, projects and collaborations.

DAVE PHILLIPS uses sound as a means to activate primordial emotions otherwise hidden underneath the debris of civilization. His concept is called “Humanimalism” accordingly, meaning a state of mind that overcomes religious, material und supremacist charges of evolution, acknowledges itself as part of a whole and has grown into an empathic, conscious and connected creature allowing emotion and instinct their equal part in decision-making.

This collection presents his multifaceted work in composition, performance, psycho-acoustics, sonic rituals, voice, video, field recordings, objects and electronics, etc. in a yet unknown complexity and coherence of motion pictures. His performance work is revealed in all its undiluted brutality, the urgency and topicality of his work and his message is clearly evident, captivating and intensely documented.

Along with DAVE PHILLIPS’ video works created between 2014 and 2016, the DVD is a document of unique solo live actions and the notorious Paris 1996 performance of SCHIMPFLUCH-GRUPPE, as well as recent collaborations with G.X. JUPITTER LARSEN, and video artists PAKISE AKIN, JAN VAN HASSELT and REMOTE-CONTROL RECTUM, who in turn created their visual interpretations of PHILLIPS' audio works. It all amounts to a mind-expanding experience, playing with altered perception and throwing back the viewer onto his own vision.

The compilation package is topped off with a 24-page catalogue with a text about the work of DAVE PHILLIPS, as well as a double page each with collages, pictures, drawings and lyrics representing the audio work of every artist featured on the CD. "


CD-1. Sutcliffe Jügend Amuse-Bouche 6:04
CD-2. Alfarmania I Blodets Glöd 11:46
CD-3. Last Dominion Lost To The Master, A Long Goodnight 5:35
CD-4. Nikolas Schreck Lord Sutekh's Dream 6:44
CD-5. Budrūs Duobė 4:53
CD-6. Gerechtigkeits Liga 23/7 3:53
CD-7. Skin Area Sighs Of Warning 10:14

Dave Phillips - Proceed With Inquiry
DVD-1. Dave Phillips Video Action 9:09
DVD-2. Dave Phillips Scutigera 0:10
DVD-3. Dave Phillips Truth Is Invented By Liars 20:37
DVD-4. Dave Phillips Threnody 8:59
DVD-5. Dave Phillips Rattus 0:32
DVD-6. Dave Phillips Daniel 1:38
DVD-7. Dave Phillips Iv Ea Pe 0:43
DVD-8. Schimpfluch-Gruppe Paris 961123 Performer – Dave Phillips, Rudolf Eb.er 8:55
DVD-9. Dave Phillips Abolishing Religion Percussion – David OppPerformer – Dave Phillips, Jeki Zabarov, Noa Rimer, Tamar Ariel 10:33
DVD-10. Dave Phillips 130731 10:21
DVD-11. Dave Phillips Hole/Holy Performer – Sese (5) 18:42
DVD-12. Dave Phillips Screamscape. Act III: Cleansing Cameraman – MOJU (2), Michael GendreauPerformer – Andrea Nucamendi, Céline Roduit, Jen Morris, Lisa Seitz, Vanessa Gageos 3:55
DVD-13. Dave Phillips Extreme Rituals Cameraman – MOJU (2) 18:33
DVD-14. Dave Phillips As Long As Film Director – Remote Control Rectum 1:47
DVD-15. Dave Phillips Samstags Nie Film Director – Jan Van Hasselt, Pakise Akin 10:05
DVD-16. Dave Phillips I Curse You Film Director – Remote Control Rectum 0:54
DVD-17. Dave Phillips ?10 Film Director – GX Jupitter-Larsen 10:23
DVD-18. Dave Phillips Untitled Film Director – MOJU (2) 6:58