Et Bananskole Tip

  • Title: Et Bananskole Tip
  • Artist: Goodiepal & Pals
  • Label: Caroline Foley
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Folk, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,40non-EU

"As described on the box by Goodiepal, this is true Scandinavian freakiness, each LP different! Colourful hand-drawn sleeves, only the outer sleeves are the same for this record!

Another one from the rather enigmatic series of LPs made by Goodiepal & Pals, a loose collective organically formed around the Goodiepal family. These days they tend to call themselves Bananskole (the Banana School) but tomorrow that may be different again! On this LP I hear a singer that sounds to me like a Danish traditional folk singer and I don’t recognize the voice but they are nice songs, accompanied by (I suspect) Goodiepal’s newly renovated Farfisa organ.. Of course one never knows as this is the Goodiepal Universe, with unfathomable laws created by a certain Caroline Foley, anyway the vinyl has fancy colours and some pirate zines have been inserted for your pleasure.
LP is pressed on yellow vinyl with a red swirl. Disc is housed in a white paper inner which has been hand decorated by Goodiepal.

There is an A4 insert with excerpts from various sources - text mostly in Danish.

Quite how this LP relates to the overall Bananskolen project is unclear."

A1. Untitled
B1. Untitled