Hadza Remixed

  • Title: Hadza Remixed
  • Artist: Spermmann
  • Label: Mixer
  • Format: CDR
  • Price: €3,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€3,28non-EU

The third issue in Mixer's CD-R series; a series carrying sound-documents and audio(art)-experiments, in a very limited edition."Hadza Remixed" is a like a diary, a synthesized travel report telling about the Hadza people; African bushmen speaking a language of clicks and sharp tickles. All through the CD, their unique sound can be heard in many of the environmental recordings , the fundament of this sound work. Spermman has lived with the Hadza people for some time and has documented their ways of communication and environment. He has electronically reworked parts of these recordings and later implemented them again to create a new sounding universe or language if you like. The beauty of this work is that he has found the very thin line to walk when reworking such authentic material as this. Spermman has given the clickery a very delicate touch of electricism, not ripping it apart but keeping on to the atmosphere and naturalness of the initial recordings. Electronic tones and synthesized samples are absorbed in the original sound material, becoming a essential part of what you're hearing....at the fire, late at night, listening to cheerps and knispers...