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Is Love The Blood Of The Universe?

  • Title: Is Love The Blood Of The Universe?
  • Artist: Astro Black
  • Label: Tonometer Music
  • Format: 7"
  • Genres: Drone, Experimental Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, Percussion, Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Noise, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €10,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,40non-EU


"Astro black is a fine-meshed interplay between large-scale acoustic sounds and electronic deconstruction. In this 'big band reduction' lies a gem with many facets and you might even discover a melodramatic love song, a meditation, a murderous attitude or an embracing comment on kitsch.

Astro black started out in 2004 as an acoustic ensemble with a double quartet of acoustic instruments playing patterns and lines 'in stereo'. Sporadic performances at special events in denmark led to an enhancement of the concept, and during the years the orchestra grew to as many as 22 musicians and also included electronic live sound manipulation. In 2008 the band was reduced to a minimum of members, now with an intentional focus on the electronic possibilities of sound manipulation, and as a live band astro black now comes in many different shapes and sizes.

A1 Astro [5"37']
B1 Black [4"20']

Kirk Mingle: composition & conducting.
Chr S: composition & electronics.

Also appearing: Thomas Hamilton (tympani), Kristian Thor Helboe (drums), Christian Skjødt (drums), Rasmus Boje (bass), Dennis O Nielsen (bass), Michael Bundgaard (keys), Kasper Bjerg (keys), Jesper Christiansen (guitar), Mikkel Ring (guitar), Lars Von Lillienskjold (baritone sax), Frank Wommelsdorff (tenor sax), Jakob Skov (alto sax), Johan Knudsen (alto sax), Morten Lund (trombone), Jonas Munkholm Lindh (trombone), Frank Bastrup (trombone), Frank Sørensen (trombone), Thomas Ingemann (trumpet), Jakob Sørensen (trumpet) & Kristoffer Jørgensen (electronics).

Recorded & mixed in Aalborg, Denmark 2006/2008.
Mastered & cut by Lupo, D&M, Berlin.
Released in 2009.

All music by Astro Black."

"This is the sound of cities crashing down around you, of massive factories turning to ruins and the previously urbane being rendered sheer bedlam. The key to the records sinister atmosphere lies in the bellowing bass parts, which endow both sides with a hefty, earthquake-like rumble." Michael Tau // Foxy Digitalis (US)