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Joseph Carey Merrick

  • Title: Joseph Carey Merrick
  • Artist: Alexandre St-Onge
  • Label: Oral
  • Format: mCD
  • Price: €9,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€8,32non-EU

“Welcome to eveyone for this CD Launch, the 22nd and the first of Alexandre St-Onge on Montrteal label ORAL ORAL.This work is singular, vivid and direct, the 3 parts are glued together as a sound jewel. Following his tribute to Joseph Carey Merrick, composed and played at EPOXY 5 par Alexandre St-Onge à ce personnage lors de l'événeme, in Montreal, May 2007, this not to be missed CD builds a relationship in between two monsters with deep feelings : the author and the man whom filmaker David Lynch immortalized in his movie The Elephant Man.”