Kathy Kennedy - Hmmm Remix Compilation

  • Title: Kathy Kennedy - Hmmm Remix Compilation
  • Artists: F.Lopez, J. Olesen, H.Prevost, S.McLeod, Autistici, T. Chrysakis, M.Schedel, B.Beverlin II, M. Babin, K.Cascone, D. Van Nort, i8u, K.Kennedy + D. Gutnick
  • Label: Leson666
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €7,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€5,88non-EU

“Ahypnotic assortment of styles and approaches of digital composition by electronic artists around the globe; each artist remixing the same 5minute recording of an intimate group of singers humming together. Luminaries in the field such as:
Kathy Kennedy + David Gutnick, Hélène Prévost, Steve McLeod, Austistici, Thanos Chrysakis, Francisco Lopez, Margaret Schedel, Jonas Olesen, Bryce Beverlin 11,  Magali Babin, Kim Cascone, Doug Van Nort and .i8u.

HMMM Remix Compilation is part of a multi-layered project by sound artist Kathy Kennedy. It will culminate in a sonic tsunami, an event that will take place on St. Laurent st. between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal on sat.June 16, from 3:30-4pm. We hope to hear the voices of 5000 citizens united by the sound of humming.”