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  • Title: Landslide
  • Artist: Surge
  • Label: Microwave Recordings
  • Format: CDR
  • Price: €3,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€3,36non-EU

Surge sums almost everything up what Microwave is all about. Two boys in their self chosen anonymity, toying around in their own analogue world. Rather then buying the latest G3 PowerBook (yes, they couldn't afford it), they have some old Korg Ms20 synth, 4 track and foot pedals. Nice and affordable. Their first release, aptly named 'First' (a CDR on Bake Records), was that joyful mixture of everything good, new and daring electronic music of today is: a dash of Oval, a bit of Pan Sonic, Goem, Ikeda and packed with everything they could sample. While watching the landslides in Europe this winter, on TV, they had their title of their second release and went out to record it. Rather then packing it again with samples, they still make them, but remove them in the mix. The skeleton disappears and the skin remains. The result is an odd mixture of hisses, beats, and out of sync tunes. Noisy at times, quiet at times. Harsh but with that deep bass - again at times. And not a single correct beat in sight (well apart maybe from the Aphex Twin inspired opening track).