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Mort Aux Vaches - Random Dilettantes

  • Title: Mort Aux Vaches - Random Dilettantes
  • Artist: Zeitkratzer
  • Label: Mort Aux Vaches
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €14,80EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,44non-EU

composition: reinhold friedl
this cd should  be played with random or shuttle function

“zeitkratzer will soon be the center of innovative music. This project promises to be endlessly fascinating”, the Wire magazin wrote three years ago. Three years later, after a lot of different projects, inluding zeitkratzer’s already legendary cooperation with Lou Reed, international critics agree: “zeitkratzer is the best contemporary music ensemble in the world” (entrevista Lissboa, dna Roma).

For the Staalplaat-label “mort aux vaches” zeitkratzer realized a special project: “random dilettants”, now out on CD: as a tribute to the label-name, every musician only melked the instruments of the other musicians in the group, instruments he does not know to play correctly. What came out, is a collection of 50 really differentiated sounds, to get hooked on.They are arranged as a piece, but can also be played and understood as a home-sound-installation, playing the CD with random or shuffle-funktion. So zeitkratzer comes here with its best quality: the sound-fetishism. “zeitkratzer’s sound is sensational!” ans the german newspaper “tageszeitung” wrote, ... and respect to the used media: a CD that will provide the listeners their own sound-installation.