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Narratives1: Dreams

  • Title: Narratives1: Dreams
  • Artist: Yannis Kyriakides
  • Label: Unsounds
  • Format: DVD
  • Price: €15,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€13,36non-EU

“Narratives is a series of 'music text films' that center on the experience of music mediated through animated text. The first edition: 'Dreams' - collects the large scale ensemble works - 'Dreams of the Blind', 'The Arrest' and Subliminal: The Lucretian Picnic' performed by Ensemble MAE and ASKO ensemble. The DVD is in PAL format and also contains the films in computer and mobile device formats, as well as MP3 Audio, and PDF's of the scores. 'Dreams of the Blind' recently received the Dutch WIllem Pijper Prize for musical innovation.
limited edition of 250 DVDs.”