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Polka [MATERIAL #6]

  • Title: Polka [MATERIAL #6]
  • Artist: Thilges 3
  • Label: Staalplaat
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €5,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€4,20non-EU

Staalplaat is proud to present the sixth release in their"material series", this one by Thilges 3. Now what is the"material series"? A series of CD's with microscopic, microwave, glitch, click or whatever it is called music. All CD's are packed in jewel cases with no printwork. All information is etched on the CD box itself. Inside special material is housed, like, in this case styrofoam. The CD itself is a so-called AB CD: a small ring with music, and the outside of the CD fully transparant. This is not always a 21 minute or less CD!

Thilges 3, an Austrian trio of Armin Steiner, Gammon, Nik Hummer, started out in 1996 of a spontaneous liveperformance, are working and experimenting with \" live performance electroacoustic installations\" utilising only analog synthesizers for soundgeneration and engineering.
The flexible use of this technology enables a dynamism far beyond usual MIDI logic. Through permanent work on the configuration of the various modules new ideas form all the time which surpass concepts of mere sound creation. As a result Thilges 3 developed for example their quadrophonic sound performance \"o\". Since live performances reflect the ultimate goal for Thilges 3 the confrontation with the sound potential / architecture of the venue are an integral part of their music.The rapid motion of sound patterns combined with the free movement of the listener provides a completely new access to rhythmic electronic music.Through this approach the listener is in a position to create his/her own sound and rhythm patterns. The foundation of the creative process throughout the live performance is an especially designed \"graphical sheet of music \" (Jochengerade) which constitutes a correlation of time and intensity. Through free interpretation along the linear axis an optimal connection to the listener is created during the set. Furthermore Thilges 3 work with visual artists on the layout of the venue to boost the impact of their sound. Their first choice of venue is the \"communal space \". Each performance is recorded and archived to document the continuity of their work.After continuous requests from our listeners they decided to open theirr archives to a broader market. Reduced to stereo format (sic!) they released their first CD (Hackerbruecke) which forms part of a 10 piece series. You can get hold of the series on the Internet Homepage Each new CD release will coincide with a live performance.

Thilges 3 have played their music all over Europe, from Berlin to Vienna, to Nijmegen and Graz.

Polka is the first studiowork of Thilges 3. It was recorded during a weekend -session in July 2000 in Schrems ( lower austria) by using only doepfer analog synth and a moog prodigy. These recordings were reworked and mastered in the studio in august 2000.