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Poslednja Muzika (The Final Music)

  • Title: Poslednja Muzika (The Final Music)
  • Artist: Alone In Heaven
  • Label: No Basement Is Deep Enough
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Drone, Underground Art, DIY, Misc Eastern Europe
  • Price: €8,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,72non-EU

"1920 marks the first peak of technological and intellectual renaissance of Visija. On the basis of understanding that man knows nothing about the world he inhabits, except what little is filtered through his narrow, sensitive and cognitive apparatus, the culture of Visija embraced transhumanist, antimaterialistic ideals, and was fueled by passionate curiosity for reality outside the human experience.

It was through the radical reduction of obsolete anthropocentric elements, such as pragmatism and aesthetics, that the people of Visija gained first glimpses at "virginal reality" and began to analyse it. Typically, they did this by two methods: extracting the virginal [non-utilitarian and non-aesthetic] elements from the world, or creating such new elements into the world. The latter method produced all classic works of Visija's "high art".

One such work is this very album. It documents an early attempt at bypassing "the human filter", synthesizing a piece of raw sonic material and s[t]imulating the pure, extrahuman excitement. Analogous to suprematism in visual art, this "terminal reduction" of music did not imply the death of music, but rather its transformation into a pure field of static sound wave.

The restoration of the recordings was executed by Alone In Heaven, for the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of 'Zavod Za Istraživanje' titled "Reč Slika Zvuk", in KC REX, Belgrade, 18. October 2012. Zavod Za Istraživanje is a modern institution licensed for reduction of aesthetics and pragmatism, for the purpose of raising the global level of virginity. Key words: Visija, 1920, suprematism, idealism." -- A.I.H.

That the biker bunker of Belgrade's premier post-wave pensioner doesn't only unhinge his concrete jaws to slurp tear-shaped tattoos gets crystal-clear when getting drowned in this static elektro cannelloni. Instead of focusing on the ever-expanding feedback loop between inert of being (in)formed objects and the offal-filled carriers of a false Dasein, this demilitarized space age prop turns liquid apples into oval world eyes. Ltd. to 55 copies that give you only one straight shot at getting beamed into Visija's brown bladder."