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Strategy For Change

  • Title: Strategy For Change
  • Artists: Valance Drakes, Ilkae
  • Label: Onibaba
  • Format: Tape
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, IDM, Breakbeats, Hip Hop, Electronica
  • Price: €8,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€6,72non-EU

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"Valance Drakes and Ilkae have a melodic and experimental outer shell with an air of mystery flowing through them.

Valance Drakes
Valance Drakes formerly known as MusSck is a Experimental Producer from London City who started back in 97 after listening to the releases of Delarosa and Asora: Sleep Method Suite, Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy EP & Autechre: Chiastic Slide. 15 years later he’s still taking his journey into sound. Labels: Schematic, Detroit Underground, Bedroom
Research, Alkalinear.

Ilkae are Aaron Munson and Krystian Lubiszewski, representing Canada and Poland respectively. Their music could be described as a mixture of classic video game soundtracks, hip hop, and experimental electronica. Munson has been the sole active member of the group since 2003, when Lubiszewski left to focus on his academic career. Following the closure of Merck records, Ilkae has released two full length albums via Eerik Inpuj Sound, an experimental netlabel that he currently curates with Proswell, another Merck alumni. Labels: Merck, Eerik Inpuj Sound."