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Systems of Recalibration

  • Title: Systems of Recalibration
  • Artist: Aspects Of Physics
  • Label: Monotonstudio
  • Format: CD
  • Price: €3,90EU (incl. 19% VAT)€3,28non-EU

“So while AOP's predecessor Physics brought the worlds of indie/punk rock and electronic music together five years before it was even hip to do so (ala Tortoise , Mogwai , and Radiohead ), Aspects of Physics takes it one step further with their seamless welding of the styles of post-rock , ambient , IDM , visuals. And lest we forget the punk rock influence, does so with a general dissent towards power structures and non-dynamic systems. Systems of Social Recalibration is more than a CD - it's a philosophy. The beautiful 12-page full color booklet diagrams these thoughts in accordance with the ideas set forth by AOP's music. In a scene so bent on being"cutting edge" and"groundbreaking", often the original underlying ideas become masked, but Aspects of Physics has something meaningful to say. Every click, every sweep of the DSP plugin console, every amplitude and every frequency serves a purpose, from the spooky ambient intro of"Pulse Width" to the epic progression of the 17-minute long"Level 4.2." Expect the post-rockers to shout with glee at the minimal guitar stylings of"Reson", while the IDM geekboys will ponder whether the C64 Sid samples used in"" are vintage C64 or a modern emulator. In the end, however, what matters most is that you have a cohesive package of music and mind, and beyond all, a refreshing break from the monotony of an often faceless and voiceless genre.”