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  • Title: Test
  • Artist: Jonas Olesen
  • Label: Bin
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Experimental Electronic, Misc Scandinavia
  • Price: €15,00EU (incl. 19% VAT)€12,93non-EU

"Audio constructed & compiled by Jonas Olesen 2014-2015.

This record features source material taken from a number of historical test records, and psychoacoustic demonstration recordings.
Additional parts generated with a LEADER LFG-1300S analogue Function Generator, and processed by an Phillips ISP 5021 Sound Enhancer.
Simulated tinnitus sounds derived from The British Tinnitus Association.
Vibraphone recordings used by permission from the Electronic Music Studios, University of Iowa, USA.
Psychoacoustic demonstration signals used by permission by Professor Emeritus Perry R. Cook, Princeton University / MIT Press.

A7 and B12 are image to audio tracks, and contain text in audio format. Limited edition of 300 copies. 180 Gram vinyl. November 2015."


A1 Shepard Tonal Paradox [Ascending + Descending]
A2 Total Phase Check [Wahnsinn]
A3 Beat Tone Stimuli [Object Counting]
A4 Resonant Clock [60 Seconds]
A5 Sine Wave Sweep [Simuleret Romantik]
A6 Left > Right Signal [Locked Groove]
A7 Disclaimer [Audio To Text]
B1 Room Exciter [Acoustic Metronome, 4 Combined Tempos]
Noise Colours [Repeated]
B2 White
B2 Pink
B2 Blue [Azur]
B2 Violet
B2 Brown
B2 Grey
Basic Waveforms
B3 Sine Wave [300HZ]
B3 Inverted Sine [300HZ]
B3 Triangle [300HZ]
B3 Saw [300HZ]
B3 Square [300HZ]
B4 Sweet Metro [Synthetic Formant Enhancement]
B5 Resolution Of The Human Brain [0-20HZ]
B6 Simulated Tinnitus [Layered]
B7 Acoustic Perfume [Composite]
Miscellaneous Signals
B8 Quindar Tones [Transmission Start/Stop]
B8 1000 Cycles [TV Testcard,Pilot Tone, Et Cetera]
B8 Musician's A [440HZ]
B8 SMPTE Code [25 FPS]
B8 DIN Sync [125 BPM]
B9 Rorschach Test [LPC Coefficient Resynthesis]
B10 Disclaimer [Spectral Encryption]
B11 Disclaimer [Morse Code]
B12 Strobe Patterns [50HZ, 60HZ]

"It's been ages since I reviewed music by Jonas Olesen, when he called himself Hector Rottweiler. These days he is occupied with the Nordic Sound Art label and also his solo work. Some of his releases may look like a record, but they are also art objects and in some cases playback might not be easy. For his new record Olesen uses a "number of historical test records, and psycho-acoustical demonstration recordings", and plays around with these sounds, adding additional sounds from "a LEADER LFG-1300S analogue Function Generator, and processed by an Phillips ISP 5021 Sound Enhancer", as well as 'simulated tinnitus sounds', 'psychoacoustic demonstration signals' and 'vibraphone recordings' - the latter being an instrument, I believe. Actually that was a silly joke on my part. The music that Olesen creates with these sounds is quite interesting. He may have shaped the whole thing to look like a test record, including interesting descriptions of the pieces, it also sounds very good, in a highly musical way. The static and dry sine wave like sounds are looped melted and collated and thus new music is created. Sometimes quite noise based as one could expect from music made with sine waves, but when Olesen uses the collage form things turn out to be quite good. There is a lovely drone piece of ascending and descending tones called 'Shepard Tonal Paradox', static hum pieces, crackles but also spoken word, such as checking the stereo spectrum, which makes it almost sound poetry. The whole package had something very 'art' like but luckily enough it is also quite playful, which is the greatest thing about it. It takes the format of a 'test record' and something is done with it, and that something is most enjoyable to listen to: what more could you possibly want? Test succeeded!" (FdW)